Ukrainian church suspects Moscow church will betray Ukraine


RISU, 20 April 2021


The current militaristic spirit of Russia was formed by the Russian church and its head, Patriarch Kirill. This thought was expressed by the PTsU [Orthodox Church of Ukraine] Metropolitan of Lvov and Sokal Dimitry in an interview with GalInfo.


"The so-called spiritual foundation for those militaristic things that today are overflowing in Russia were completely formulated by the Russian church and, in particular, Patriarch Kirill: 'kinship,' 'the Russian World,' and 'Russia-Ukraine-Belarus are Holy Rus.' All of this spread throughout Ukraine in the 2000s. These all were turned into 'truisms' and ideological poison," the hierarch said.


The metropolitan said that in Ukraine the "Russian World" has been confronted by patriotism, but it still is sitting in the heads of many Ukrainians from the Donbass and even over to Lvov.


"Incidentally, we have continually talked about this: how will the UPTsMP behave in the event of a war of Ukraine with Russia? It was not necessary to discuss much in order to understand that it will assume an anti-Ukrainian position. It's all fine to sit and say: 'We have nothing to do with politics,' while at the same time looking around to see what Moscow will say," he noted.


The PTsU metropolitan thinks that the UPTsMP also is a fifth column, which is awaiting Putin.


"To the extent that Russia raises its voice of war, then they are certainly expecting liberation. I am sure that it is a fifth column which is waiting for the 'propitious' time for them when Putin will come and save them all. When Putin speaks about the 'Russian-speaking population,' he has in mind not only the Russians in the Donbass but also in other territories of Ukraine. In particular, he is speaking about the 'deprived' and 'canonical' church that is in unity with the Moscow patriarchate." (tr. by PDS, posted 21 April 2021)


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