Ukrainian president suggests meeting Putin in the Vatican


RISU, 29 April 2021


In a traditional interview for Radio Maria in advance of Easter, the head of the UGKTs [Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church] answered a number of important questions regarding the church and Ukraine. In particular, Patriarch Sviatoslav stated his position relative to a possible meeting of Zelensky and Putin in the Vatican.


We recall, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky thinks that the Vatican would be a propitious site for his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of state expressed that opinion in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.


"For me personally, this statement is quite unexpected. During our meeting with the president, there was no talk about it. I learned about this statement from public sources. It is difficult for me to comment. Explanations from official representatives of the office of the president, who will be able to explain this, are needed," the head of the UGKTs, Sviatoslav Shevchuk, declared.


"There are two ambiguities here. Is he simply talking about a search for some kind of space? Are they looking for a free table where one can sit and it is in the Vatican where they wish to find it? That is, it should be another city instead of Minsk? Or is he talking about a search for a moral authority or mediator, who would be able to suggest a new path for the resolution of this painful situation. Therefore I do not understand and I am not able to comment," His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk emphasized.


"The only that that I wish to positively emphasize is that finally the Ukrainian government understands the role and place of the Apostolic See in the modern inter-state dialogue, its place in international diplomacy. The Vatican is not only a church structure. It is a subject of international law. It is a high platform of world diplomacy. It is possible that Ukraine finally realizes that we should be present on this platform. I hope that the relationship of Ukraine and the Vatican will develop in line with the awareness of the pope's role as a moral authority and the role of the Apostolic See as a modern inter-state platform, as a nerve center of world diplomacy, where the Ukrainian question should be properly represented," Patriarch Sviatoslav said. (tr. by PDS, posted 29 April 2021)


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