Russian customs seizes Jehovah's Witnesses literature



Agents of Murmansk customs and the border control of the Russian F,S.B. for the western arctic district discovered on a boat printed material that is forbidden for import.


As the result of a customs inspection of a ship conducted upon the arrival of a Russian vessel at the port of Arkhangelsk, in one of the crew cabins a book was found, which has been on the Federal List of Extremist Materials since 2009 because it contains calls for carrying out extremist and terrorist activity or the public justification of terrorism.


The explanations by the management of the vessel make clear that this printed material was not declared in the boat's documents upon the arrival of the ship in port because of the lack of information about the presence of such literature on board and the failure to identify the owner of the book.


"The printed material from the federal list was included in the list of goods (information on printed, audio-visual, and other devices) regarding which the prohibition of their import onto the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union and/or export from the customs territory of the E.E.U. was established," explained Alexander Danilishin, the acting deputy commander of Murmansk customs.


The printed material was seized and a case regarding an administrative violation of law was opened; an investigation is being conducted. (tr. by PDS, posted 18 May 2021)


[tr. note: A photograph accompanying the article depicts the cover of a book with a Russian title that translates as "Knowledge that leads to everlasting life," which is published by Jehovah's Witnesses.]

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