Belarusian dictator picks fight with Catholics


Religiina Pravda, 4 July 2021


The self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, expressed stern displeasure with the fact that the leadership of the Catholic church of Belarus urged the performance of the prayer hymn "Mighty God" in Catholic churches on Independence Day. This is reported by Telegraph.


This hymn, containing a request to God for the prosperity of Belarus, is considered by the Lukashenko regime to be almost "fascist," because, according to some reports, it sometimes was sung by Belarusians during the German occupation of the country, although its music was composed only after the conclusion of World War II.


"Now you see that they wish to reverse history and rehabilitate their grandfathers and great grandfathers and complete the work started by them. Therefore they came out to crush the sovereign state. This is unthinkable. They marched to the sacred places of our statehood under flags of the fascist mercenary police. And recently our news media are reporting more and more incidents where in Catholic churches they want to worship with 'Mighty God.' Beware," his press service quotes the threats of Alexander Lukashenko.


Lukashenko calls the white-red-white Belarusian flag, under which he himself took the oath upon taking the office of president in 1994, "flags of the fascist mercenaries." Later Lukashenko substituted the red flag of the Belorussian S.S.R., with just the hammer and sickle removed, for the national flag. (tr. by PDS, posted 4 July 2021)

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