Russian Supreme Court moves trial of dissident Orthodox monk to Moscow


RAPSI, 9 July 2021


The Izmailovo court of Moscow will consider the criminal case of the former schema monk Sergius (Nikolai Romanov), who is accused of high-handed behavior and encouragement of suicide, RAPSI was told in the press service of the Russian Supreme Court.


“The Supreme Court granted the petition for a change of jurisdiction. The case will be sent to the Izmailovo district court of Moscow,” the news agency’s source said.


Romanov is charged with committing the crimes specified in sub-points “v” and “d” of part 3 of article 110.1, and part 3 of article 148, and part 1 of article 330 of the Criminal Code of the RF (encouragement of suicide; violation of the right of freedom of conscience and religious confession; high-handedness).


The investigation established that in 2020 Romanov was expelled from the church, but he did not agree with the decision to impede him from clerical ministry and he did not leave the monastery and he denied access to its territory for all persons at his own discretion, including representatives of the Ekaterinburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.


In addition, in violation of the norms of civil legislation, Romanov prevented an inventory of items of immovable property on the territory of the monastery, that is, he committed high-handedness. Subsequently, Romanov publicly urged at least ten nuns who were living in the monastery to commit suicide.


He has not admitted his guilt of commission of the aforementioned crimes. Romanov has been under detention since late December 2020. (tr. by PDS, posted 9 July 2021)

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