Ukrainian nationalist news source sounds alarm over threat of Putin


Religiina Pravda, 21 July 2021


“Ukrainians-Little Russians and Russians are one people whom Russia is prepared to protect by all possible means.” This is stated in an article by the first deputy chairman of the synod’s Department for Relations of Church with Society and News Media of the RPTs [Russian Orthodox Church], Alexander Shchipkov, published on the website of Nezavisimaia Gazeta, the website of the RPTs says.


The chief representative of the RPTs declares that “the Kievan regime, having given birth to the nazi law on indigenous peoples, is opening a direct path to governmental genocide of Russians and has crossed a ‘red line.’”


He is analyzing the famous article by Vladimir Putin about Ukraine, explaining its  theses.


The representative of the RPTs claims that “Ukraine is an empire.” “Both the Hungarian, and Romanian, and Russian populations are by no means happy with the imperial policy of Ukraine, which has decided to maintain itself within the soviet borders, but at the same time to surrender power to the west Ukrainian ethnocracy, which does not represent a national majority by any means. In order to fit the former Ukrainian S.S.R. into the Procrustean Bed of a narrow mono-national doctrine—‘one country, one language, one nation’-- it is necessary to conduct cultural and religious cleansing and sometimes even direct military genocide,” Shchipkov declares.


He maintains that “for this the square was conducted,” and now “forcible de-russification is being conducted, that is, a war with the greater portion of the population of Ukraine.”


He said: “Putin says explicitly that Ukraine was occupied and that it finds itself under foreign administration and the elites have betrayed the people—the only Russian people—and the minority is oppressing the Russian majority.”


“Today the president of Russia is speaking in the name of both Russians, and New Russians, and Little Russians. He recalls that Russia cannot permit itself to leave a part of its own people without protection. This is a question of historical national capacity. By what means the national rights of the united Russian people will be protected, it is impossible to say in advance. But the moment of the fundamental resolution of the problem of the Ukrainian Russians (Russians with Ukrainian citizenship) clearly is now near,” the RPTs bureaucrat declares. (tr. by PDS, posted 22 July 2021)

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