Bishop echoes alarm about Putin's threat to Ukraine


Religiina Pravda, 25 July 2021


Bishop Adrian of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTsU) called the Russian Orthodox Church (R.P.Ts) in Ukraine "the Kremlin's weapon of the revival of colonization." He wrote about this on Facebook. "The new stage of the hybrid war of Muscovy (Russia) against Rus (Ukraine). Putin's letter about one people, the RPTs about the one people, and Onufry's billboards about the one people—all of this testifies about the RPTs in Ukraine as the Kremlin's weapon of the renewal of colonization of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. And all of this will become a new reality through the overwhelming majority of little Russians, a kind of difference among the Ukrainian people," the PTsU hierarch noted.


He recalled that the official website of the Moscow patriarchate published an article by the first deputy chairman of the synod's Department for Relations of Church with Society and News Media, Alexander Shchipkov, about the article by Russian President Vladimir Putin, "On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians."


Bishop Adrian Kulik quoted Shchipkov where he writes about "one people" and "Little Russians": "Russia will not permit making Anti-Russia out of Ukraine. Ukrainians-Little Russians and Russians are one people. We are ready to protect them by all available means. Putin's article is a view of the immediate historical prospects. It is possible to consider it a continuation of the 'Crimean Speech,' delivered in 2014, and specifically that part where he talks about the Russians as the most divided people of Europe. Today the Russian president is speaking for both Russians, and New Russians, and Little Russians. He recalls that Russia cannot allow itself to leave a part of its own people without protection. This is a question of historical national ability. . . , the moment of the fundamental resolution of the problem of Ukrainian Russians (Russians with Ukrainian citizenship) is obviously quite near. And this contains a hint to the Ukrainian Russians themselves. For them (for us) it now is important to confirm ourselves in our cultural self-determination, despite the repressive policies of ethnocratic minorities. Resistance requires both political support and ideological justification, which is given by the article 'On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians.'" (tr. by PDS, posted 25 July 2021)

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