Constantinople patriarch's visit to Ukraine still a puzzle


Religiina Pravda, 28 July 2021


The chancellor of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine (RPTsU), Antony Pakanich, declared during a briefing in the Kiev caves lavra on 27 July that representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will not be at events at which Patriarch Bartholomew is present, the website of the RPTsU states. At the same time, Pakanich calls the ecumenical patriarch "the Turkish guest." "We still do not have an official schedule of the visit of the Turkish guest. But what we can say right away is we are against his coming. This is because Patriarch Bartholomew bears personal responsibility for what has been happening in Ukraine in recent years. This is the carrying off of our churches and the beating of our believers. A great deal of evil has been caused," the representative of the RPTsU declared.


He said: "People have suffered; many thousands of people have suffered."


"Therefore our believers will not understand us if someone—the primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church or its representative—were to be at events where Patriarch Bartholomew is present. Therefore we can say unequivocally: At those events where Patriarch Bartholomew will be present, there will not be a representative of the UPTs," Antony declared. (tr. by PDS, posted 28 July 2021)

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