Russia raises alarm about patriarch's visit to Ukraine


RISU, 3 August 2021


The Center of Strategic Communications and Information Security reports that in the context of recent events, in particular the Baptism of Rus, which we celebrated on 28 July, the internet has substantially increased the spread of pro-Russian media fake messages and provocational articles on religious topics. This is talked about on the center's Facebook page.


Pro-Russian media spread reports to the effect that the visit to Ukraine by Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew, which is scheduled for 24 August of this year, "will intensify discrimination against the UPTsMP," and energize "Ukrainian radicals and nationalists." Comments by UPTsMP Metropolitan Antony, who called Bartholomew "personally responsible for the schism in Ukraine," have been actively picked up by pro-Russian media, particularly


Russian propaganda also is spreading disinformation to the effect that on 24 August, during the visit by the patriarch of Constantinople, Vladimir Zelensky plans "to ceremoniously transfer to Bartholomew the Holy Wisdom cathedral of Kiev and also the Kiev caves and Pochaev lavras."


An article under the headline "The president's mistake" appeared on the website before the Day of the Baptism of Rus and was disseminated on numerous Telegram channels, Vkontakte pages, and other information resources, which have often published fake news in Russia's favor.


"We wish to recall that Russian propaganda uses any pretexts for provocation and destabilization of the internal situation in Ukraine, and the topic of religion remains one of the key topics for the Kremlin's propaganda machine," the center reported. (tr. by PDS, posted 3 August 2021)
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