Moscow patriarch renews condemnation of Patriarch Bartholomew


Interfax-Religiia, 30 August 2021


Patriarch of Moscow and all-Rus Kirill condemned the visit to Kiev by Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew a few days ago.


"May the Most Holy Mother of God preserve the unity of the Orthodox churches that is being torn apart by the forces of evil. And we know what is happening today in world Orthodoxy, how these forces are trying to destroy the unity of the Orthodox church, exploiting the most difficult situation that has developed in Ukraine, and they are somewhat succeeding. An example of this is the sinful and inexplicable visit in Kiev by the patriarch of Constantinople and his concelebration with schismatics," Patriarch Kirill said last Saturday in a sermon after the liturgy in the church of Christ the Savior.


In his opinion, Bartholomew's visit to Kiev "once again testifies to us of the most difficult path along with Christ's church is going." Nevertheless Patriarch Kirill believes that, despite division and schism, "by God's grace the church will be preserved and will bring her faithful children to the end of history."


The patriarch of Constantinople visited Kiev on 20 to 24 August at the invitation of President Vladimir Zelensky, in connection with the thirtieth anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. During his visit he met with the leadership of the country and also conducted divine liturgies along with the head of the so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which was created in late 2018 on the base of two uncanonical Ukrainian churches. (tr. by PDS, posted 31 August 2021)

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