Moscow churches not shut down along with the city


RIA Novosti, 25 October 2021


Measures for protection from the coronovirus are being observed strictly in religious facilities in Moscow. No intensification of measures is being planned, RIA Novosti was told by the director of the Department for National Policy and Inter-regional Relations, Vitaly Suchkov.


"All measures of the Rospotrebnadzor are continuing in effect as before and corresponding orders have been issued in the Russian Orthodox Church and in other religions. All requirements remain in force and there is not any relaxation; everything is very strict. The government has not issued special orders (for intensifying measures) and the churches are taking a very serious approach to this matter," Suchkov said, responding to a question whether it is planned to intensify restrictive measures for the coronavirus in churches because of the worsening of the epidemic situation.


He specified that measures in religious facilities include wearing masks, increased disinfection of utensils and premises, and observing social distancing.


Earlier Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobianin announced a worsening of the epidemic situation for the coronavirus in the capital. From 25 October until 25 February, elderly Muscovites and people with chronic illnesses must comply with home restriction and employers must transfer 30% of employees to remote mode. Non-working days have been declared from 28 October until 7 November in Moscow. In this period almost all organizations and enterprises of the city will be closed except for those that ensure its operation; grocery stores, shops for essential products, and pharmacies will operate. Restaurants will serve only take out or delivery. (tr. by PDS, posted 25 October 2021)

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