Moscow church in Ukraine makes tepid criticism of Russian aggression


RISU, 11 March 2022


Metropolitan Onufry of the UPTsMP [Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate] made an official statement in which for the first time he acknowledged that Russia attacked Ukraine. Its main message is "there is no justification for those who start wars."


"Today our country is experiencing a time of difficult trials evoked by the attack upon our country by the troops of the Russian Federation. In all churches and monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church there have not ceased fervent prayers for the immediate onset of peace and a cessation of the bloodshed. We consequently call for a peaceful resolution of the conflicts by means of dialogue," the statement of 10 March says, which was posted on the official website of the UPTsMP.


Metropolitan Onufry asked the people responsible for it to establish humanitarian corridors and to evacuate the civilian population.


"In order to prevent yet more sacrifices and casualties of our people, we appeal to everyone upon whom it depends to provide genuine humanitarian corridors for immediate evacuation of civilian residents of settlements located in the line of fire and to guarantee their safety," Metropolitan Onufry emphasized.


As RISU has reported, now in many parishes of the UPTsMP (in Lvov, Cherkasy, Rovno, Sumhy, Ivano-Frankovsk, Mukachevo) they have ceased commemorating RPTs Patriarch Kirill, and several UPTsMP parishes have begun transferring into the PTsU [Orthodox Church of Ukraine]. (tr. by PDS, posted 12 March 2022)

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