Debate over sanctions against Moscow patriarchate


RISU, 28 April 2022


Calls for introducing sanctions against the RPTs (Russian Orthodox Church) and its leader, Kirill, have provoked hysteria among Russian officials. This is reported by Channel 5.


The deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, gave birth to a pathetic, propagandistic communication in defense of the RPTs and he spoke about "anti-Russian madness," which "demands sanctions against the patriarch of Moscow and all-Rus."


And "the leader of the uncanonical schismatics from the PTsU is screming about Russian-bolshevik hordes that have seized Ukraine. Nazis are raiding Orthodox church buildings of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate and threatening priests and parishioners with murders," Medvedev writes.


One of Putin's closest henchmen calls Russia "the bulwark of the Christian world," and calls Russians "preservers of true Christians values," who are "defending them from atheists, bandits, and nationalists."


In Medvedev's opinion, the crimes committed by Russian invaders in Ukraine "are preserving the single cultural code of communication of the peoples of Europe, based on the Christian faith." And the rashists [i.e. Russian fascists—tr.], who left behind thousands of murdered and tortured residents of Bucha, Gostomel, Borodianka, and Mariupol, "stood up for people who for years lived in isolation and were subjected to violence and destruction."


In the Russian church, calls for sanctions against Kirill are considered "nonsense" and "a rejection of common sense," declared Vladimir Legoida, one of the ideologues of the RPTs and head of the synod's department for public relations of the Moscow church.


As is known, the RPTs and its head, Kirill, support Russia's war against Ukraine and they bless the brutality of Russian occupation forces.


We recall that Petro Poroshenko urged the world to introduce sanctions against the RPTs and its leader for participating in war crimes and genocide of Ukrainians. Poroshenko also thinks that Ukraine should set an example of strictly complying with laws on combating collaborationism and the requirement to rename the UPTsMP.


The possibility of introducing sanctions against the RPTs and its head also is being discussed by the leadership of the European Union, concerning which the minister of foreign affairs of Lithuania, Landsbergis, spoke. He noted that the discussion is continuing and there is no final decision yet. (tr. by PDS, posted 28 April 2022)


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