Ukrainian media report support for Russians by Moscow clergy


RISU, 20 May 2022


During the occupation of residential neighborhoods, clergy of the Moscow patriarchate not only aided the enemy but they also told believers Russian propaganda stories.


This was described in a clip on TSN. It was noted that in Kiev oblast, priests even abducted people. This was reported by RBK-Ukraine.


One of these ministers of the church appropriated for himself stolen humanitarian aid and he retained volunteers in closed cells. Another greeted the invaders with an icon and quickly befriended them.


The volunteer Svetlana Fedorova described how, when they were bringing humanitarian aid, they were stopped by Russian soldiers. They immediately seized their cell phones, threatened to shoot them, and took them to Borodianka, which was occupied at the time. There all the volunteers were brought into the church.


"Father Viktor came out of the church, accompanied by a man in a military uniform. They said that we would be checked. They all were wearing St. George's ribbons," the volunteer said.


She said that the priest was not interested in people but he showed great interest in their vehicles in which they had arrived. Nineteen persons were held captive in the church yard.


"It seemed to me that the priest was a regular thief," the volunteer Elena Zilinskaya explained. She reported that Father Viktor distributed humanitarian aid under his own supervision.


During the occupation of Borodianka, the minister of the UPTsMP willingly gave an interview in which he supported Viktor Yanukovich and condemned LGBT persons. "In 2014, people should have supported Yanukovich," Fr Viktor said.


Twenty kilometers from Borodianka, in the village of Andreevka, the monk Nikolai also supported the Russian invaders. But the villagers are afraid to talk about their teacher; they say they are too tired.


The [television] clip said that before he became a priest, Nikolai was convicted of pedophilia.


The people said that when the Russians entered the village, Nikolai went out to greet them with an icon in his hands. (tr. by PDS, posted 20 May 2022)

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