Orthodox scholar cites role of Moscow patriarch in Russian aggression


Religiina Pravda, 14 June 2022


It was Patriarch Kirill who was the father of the ideology of the "Russian World" and it was he who sold it to the Kremlin. This was stated by a theologian, Arkhimandrite Kirill (Govorun) of the Russian Orthodox Church, in an interview with Obozrevatel.


"Actually Kirill came up with the draft of a replacement for the communist ideology with a new one that contained elements of the communist zombification, Russian national chauvinism, and ecclesiastical trappings. These three components he united in the ideology of the "Russian World," Govorun noted.


He said that today for Kirill to condemn the war would mean to condemn his baby that he nurtured and raised.


"This ideology itself, his obsession with it, transformed him as a person; he was the conveyor of the idea of this "Russian World," and he became its hostage. For him today to condemn the war would mean to condemn his offspring, which he cherished and groomed. That's the first thing.


"Second, because Putin follows very attentively who is expressing public criticism and immediately examines his entourage for loyalty, if Patriarch Kirill wants to stay in power, he cannot manifest disloyalty to Putin, and all his urgings and sermons in support of the war are really a demonstration of loyalty for conserving himself, his authority, and his position in the Russian establishment," the theologian noted. (tr. by PDS, posted 14 June 2022)

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