Ukrainian evangelicals distance themselves from Russian colleagues


VoSvete, 26 July 2022


Following the transition to the Gregorian calendar, the Ukrainian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Ukrainskaia Tserkov Khristian Very Evangelskoi—UTsKhVE) are starting the Ukrainization of the congregations in Ukrainian oblasts, the website Christians for Ukraine reports.


On 7 July, the Committee of the UTsKhVE adopted the decision to transition to the Ukrainian language for some local churches in the regions where worship services had been conducted in the Russian language. This will apply not only to the use of the Ukrainian language during services but also to the Bible in the Ukrainian language instead of the Russian Synodal translation.


The decision is explained "by the great public demand for de-Russification and by the unbiblical and heretical position of Russian Pentecostals. Today there are no reasons for evangelical Christians to retain any tradition associated with Russian culture. . . ."


The decision by the Committee of the UTsKhVE also affects the use of church singing in the Russian language: "Ukrainian protestants have very many Christian hymns in their native tongue and several of them have become famous even apart from the church setting," Christians for Ukraine reports.


"Each year many Ukrainian praise songs appear, which deserve attention. It also should not be forgotten that a substantial portion of the popular songs in the Russian language have been translated from English or other languages and therefore they also often have a Ukrainian version." (tr. by PDS, posted 26 July 2022)

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