Get Involved

The Student Government Association has made a significant impact towards the betterment of the student experience at Stetson because of the dedicated members throughout the decades. Join SGA to leave your mark on campus and help better the lives of Stetson students for years to come.
Elections Find out when and where elections are happening.
Senators – Find out who your Senate representative is and how to get in touch with them.
The Student Government Association welcomes everyone to come and join Student Government in ensuring the student’s voice is heard. Positions appointed through an election process are listed below:
  • School of Arts and Sciences- 4 Representatives
  • School of Music- 2 Representatives
  • School of Business- 2 Representatives
  • Freshmen- 4 Representatives
  • Sophomores- 4 Representatives
  • Juniors- 4 Representatives
  • Seniors- 4 Representatives
  • Commuter Students- 2 Representatives
  • Senators-at-Large- 10 Representatives
  • Student Athletes2 Representatives