New Outdoor Student Programming Space

Over the summer, we noticed that our student organizations were planning and executing events at a record pace! It seemed that every day of the academic year we had a new philanthropic event, fundraiser or even just an informational meeting. We wanted to ensure that we could keep the momentum going and provide the best possible resources.

One major resource that we thought could be improved was programming space. So that was what we focused on. SGA was presented with an opportunity to help fund an event space that we believed would be a great size and provide a venue for organizations to provide events of all sizes.

Located on Pennsylvania Ave, just East of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity house, “Pennsylvania Landing” will be available for reservation through the Hollis Center. With funding from SGA and other departments on campus, this project has been progressing at an amazing rate. Immediately after the money was allocated, the “behind the scenes” work of this space was begun. Electricity is the next step and will provide organizations with the ability to plan nighttime events.

We are making small strides to provide all students with the best experience possible. These steps, however, small or large, are signs of progress and another way we can show that we are working for you!