Archived Legislation

Archived Legislation

Legislation in Committee

S.2 Military Service Honor Cord Resolution
S.3 Campus Pub Resolution

Legislation before the Senate



Passed Legislation

S.1 SGA Budget 2014-2015

Failed Legislation:


Passed Legislation:



Passed Legislation:

S.1: Budget Resolution

S.4: Executive Qualification Amendment

S.8: Percentage Scholarship Resolution

S.9: Section 300 Amendment

S.10: Stover Theater Revitalization Resolution

S.11: Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency Resolution

S.13: Opposition to Hate Speech and Acts Resolution

S.14: SAFAC Allocation Transparency Resolution

S.16: Overflow Lot, Hall A Resolution

S.17: Locker Availability Resolution

S.18: Textbooks in Library Resolution

S.19: Gender-Neutral Restrooms Resolution

S.21: Applied Ethics Resolution

S.23: Women’s Health Resolution

S.25: Alcohol Advertisement Events

S.27 Name/ Gender Corrections for Transgender

S.28: Decreasing Bookstore Bags

S.30: Reinstate Campus Pub Resolution

S.31: Honor System Utilization

S.32: Tutoring Info on Syllabi Resolution

S.33: Diversity Live Resolution

S.35: Study Abroad Resolution

S.40: Electronic Transcript Resolution

S.41: LBC Commuter Lot Resolution

S.42: Elections Revision Amendment

S.46: Harassment Policy Resolution

S.47: Diversity Training Resolution

S.49: Advertising Amendments Amendment

S.50: Removal Hearing Amendment (Constitution)

S.51: Removal Hearing Amendment (Bylaws)

S.52: Green SGA Resolution

S.53: Recycling Upgrade Resolution

S.55: Ethics Amendment

S.56: Screened Windows Resolution

S.57: Shower Lights Resolution

S.58: Honoring Stetson Hall Resolution

S.59: Science Study Abroad Resolution

S.60: Renaming Amendment

S.61: Student Safety Resolution

S.62: Emily Hall Kitchen Resolution

S.63: Support for Faculty Resolution

S.69: Student Leadership Workshop Series Requirement Resolution

S.70: CPR Training for RAs Resolution

S.71: Walking at Commencement Resolution

S.72: Registrar Hours Resolution

S.73: Recognizing Derek Jansante

S.74: Recognizing Matthew Hicks

S.75: Recognizing Chelsea Knox

S.76: Recognizing Jessica Santos

S.77: Recognizing Akeel St. Jean

S.78: Recognizing Kameron St. Clare

S.79: Recognizing Michael-John Carrabba

S.80: Recognizing John Lynn



Passed Legislation:

S.11 Discovery Majors Shadowing Resolution

S.1 Budget 2011-2012 Resolution

S.16 Electronic Lock Resolution

S.17 Online Course Syllabi Resolution

S.23 Majors and Minors Fair Resolution

S.10 Campus Accessibility Resolution

S.18 Commuter Parking Resolution

S.24 Queer Studies Minor Resolution

S.19 Move Out Resolution

S.31 Presidential Invite Resolution

S.34 Green Bikes Budget Allocation Resolution

S.5 Constitution Amendment

S.6 Bylaws Amendment

S.48 Recognizing Jeff Shapiro ResolutionS.21 Core Values Resolution

S.25 Skateboard and Longboard ResolutionS.32 Cultural Credit Resolution

S.33 Conflict Mineral Resolution

S.35 Middle Eastern Studies Resolution

S.36 Online Major-Minor Declaration Resolution

S.15 J-Term Resolution

S.39 Cheerwine Resolution

S.43 Recall Amendment

S.55 Stetson Cove Amendment

S.27 Stetson Green Eyesore Resolution

S.42 Keep Stetson Green Resolution

S.56 Wi-Fi Resolution

S.58 Pet Housing Resolution

S.8 Greenhouse Resolution

S.28 Master Plan Resolution

S.30 Email Announce Resolution

S.38 Housing Policy Amendment Resolution

S.41 RA Evaluation Resolution

S.44 Coffee Shop Sustainability ResolutionS.49 Road Repair Resolution

S.53 Synthetic Drugs Resolution

S.57 Stetson Cove Safety Resolution

S.59 Sustainability Pledge Resolution

S.65 Transparency Resolution

S.63 Upperclasspeople Housing Resolution

S.69 Political Philosophy Minor Resolution

S.61 Code of Ethics Resolution

S.73 Laundry Resolution

S.72 Amelia Traffic Control Resolution

S.74 Africana Studies Program Resolution

S.75 ROTC Minor Resolution

S.76 Recognizing Aimee Bushway

S.77 Recognizing Will Livingston

S.78 Recognizing Michael Dandurand

S.79 Recognizing Tyce Herrman

S.80 Recognizing Amne Harrington

S.81 Recognizing Ryan Crenshaw

S.82 Recognizing Rachel Burnett

S.83 Recognizing Jill Brownfield

S.84 Recognizing Jordan Nein

S.85 Recognizing Dane Moran

S.87 Recognizing Beth Lukas

S.88 Recognizing Christine Jacobson

S.89 Recognizing Esther Saintil