SGA to Weigh in On Commencement Location


Stetson University’s Student Government Association will be involved in this year’s decision-making process that could determine the location of commencement for years to come. As Stetson’s student population has risen, so has the number of families who support those students. In an effort to accommodate the growing number of Stetson families at this meaningful milestone, the university can no longer host commencement in the Edmund’s Center. The commencement ceremony of 2016 took place at DeLand’s own Spec Martin Stadium. As the university sets course for the new fall semester, the Office of Unversity Marketing’s Director of Univeristy Events, Julie Hunter and Vice President of Marketing, Bruce Chong, reached out to Stetson’s Student Government Association for feedback on the matter of location for the event. The options presented were the familiar Spec Martin Stadium or Daytona’s Ocean Center – a nearly 6000 seat venue in walking distance from the Daytona boardwalk. Stetson SGA’s executive members toured the Ocean Center’s facilities alongside Stetson’s Director of Univeristy Events on September 9th. Following the 45-minute drive to Daytona’s  Ocean Center, Stetson SGA was briefed on the pros and cons of the venue as they toured the facility. The venue was an indoor venue with a close feel in the stadium. The air-conditioned facility has accessible seating that would be available for reservation and could accommodate close to 6,000 guests. Unlike a ceremony at DeLand’s Spec Martin, a ceremony at the Ocean Center would not be followed by the well-received graduate receptions that were held Fall 2016. Additionally, the Stetson feeling that students are accustomed to in the familiarity and nostalgia of campus and the DeLand area would not be found at Daytona’s Ocean center. On September 21, 2016, Stetson SGA’s senate members will weigh in on the university’s convocation venue decision.