Stetson among nation’s best law schools for pro bono

Stetson University College of Law has been ranked seventh in the nation among the 2014 Super Lawyers Top 10 Law Schools for Pro Bono Graduation Requirements. 

Stetson Law students donated 31,719 pro bono service hours to more than 400 organizations in the 2013-2014 academic year. Stetson is one of the first law schools in the U.S. to require pro bono service of its students.

“Stetson Law led the way in promoting the pro bono requirement in law schools,” said Dean and Professor of Law Christopher Pietruszkiewicz. “Today, we remain dedicated to instilling a passion for public service in our students and graduates.”

All J.D. students at Stetson are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of pro bono service and the law school offers a public service scholarship.

Stetson students serve the community in a variety of pro-bono roles, as court-appointed advocates for children in the dependency system, as Spanish-speaking translators assisting with immigration cases, as researchers investigating consumer finance abuse and workplace/school religious discrimination or harassment, and as advocates working in a variety of community law programs. Stetson also offers a Pro Bono Service Initiative to help veterans find free legal representation through its Veterans Law Institute.

To learn more about Stetson Law alumni serving in public interest roles, watch a series of video features on “Alumni serving the public interest.”