Financial Friday: Changing passwords

Financial Friday, Stetson University

When was the last time you changed your password for your email and online vendor accounts?

Passwords should be changed often, because online accounts can be hacked from your side, but also from the companies’ sides. Take 15 minutes today and change these passwords to other, strong passwords that have capital letters, numbers and special characters.

Here are a few tips for creating stronger passwords and keeping your information safe:

  • Don’t use just one password. If one account becomes compromised, your other accounts could be vulnerable.
  • Don’t use dictionary words. This will make it harder for bots to crack your password.
  • Use a passcode or fingerprint identification on your phone. Nowadays, our phones have a lot on them. Make sure your mobile data is secure.
Valrie Chambers, Ph.D., Stetson University professor
Valrie Chambers, Ph.D.

Professor Valrie Chambers at [email protected] is responsible for the content of this message. This announcement is part of the Financial Friday series. Every Friday, students receive an announcement that is meant to bolster their financial wellness, including preventing financial mistakes, tips for safeguarding their assets including their financial identity and tips on how to critically think about financial decisions that need to be made.