New Centurion Sales Lab Readies to Open

Stetson University, School of Business Administration
John Riggs, executive director of Centurion Sales Program, works in the back of the office
John Riggs, director of the Centurion Sales Program at Stetson, works in the new Sales Lab as construction continues recently in the Lynn Business Center.

Over the summer, the Lynn Business Center has undergone a series of renovations resulting in the creation of the Centurion Sales Lab.  As students return this fall, they will discover six newly created recording rooms, including one large group recording room.

Technology will be at the epicenter of the Centurion Sales Lab. The lab will feature specialized sales training rooms outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment from Ensemble Video and Matrox; these tools will form the lynchpin between learning and practice. Within these labs, students and area professionals will develop and hone their skills in sales, practicing role-play with customers with the aid of superior encoding technology.

Professors and students access the Blackboard interface to schedule times to use the lab equipment. Following the scheduled recording, the Ensemble Video platform publishes the videos to Blackboard so that students and professors can access the final files.

Reviewing this footage for audio and visual cues to improve upon is a key element of the business training at Centurion. On-demand access to lab recordings means students and professionals can readily track their progress throughout the experience.

Students and outside business partners will commence use of the recording labs later this month.  The official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Centurion Sales Lab is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017.  Please come and join us!

Kara Cummings