Stetson University Announces ‘The Stetson Promise’

The Stetson Promise, a new academic opportunity for Stetson University students, is a four-year graduation plan that allows students to graduate in four years or less, or the university may pick up tuition costs.

According to The Stetson Promise, if incoming first-year, undergraduate students follow the Course Advising Plan created with them at the beginning of their first college semester at Stetson and, through no fault of their own, cannot complete their degree in four years, Stetson will pick up the cost of tuition for up to one full semester or until they meet the graduation requirements for their major, whichever comes first.

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Wendy B. Libby, Ph.D.

“This is our Promise — whether you already know your true passion or decide you want to explore new ideas through our Discovery program,” said Stetson President Wendy B. Libby, Ph.D., to students at a recent university open house. “And we promise you will participate in distinctive academic programs with great faculty.”

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Noel Painter, Ph.D.

“Stetson stands alone in the quality of learning opportunities,” said Executive Vice President and Provost Noel Painter, Ph.D. “Every student has the opportunity to build a Course Advising Plan with their faculty adviser to meet the university’s general education, major and electives requirement. The plan is a guide, and as you explore different academic directions, the Promise allows you to move without forcing you into an inflexible education.”

New students starting in fall 2019 who choose to take advantage of The Stetson Promise will receive their Course Advising Plan designed to help them complete their education and provide them with support so that they finish their degree in four years or less including any necessary assessment and mentoring. The pledge is dedicated to helping students achieve educational success.

In addition, Stetson promises that every student will have opportunities to put theory into practice through internships or other high-impact, practical learning experiences called experiential learning — through study abroad, community engagement, faculty-student research, field research, music performance and internships.

Once a student declares a major, Stetson provides an academic program guide, plus the continuous advising that is needed to stay on track and ensure success. The Promise applies to both students who declare a major when they apply and enroll, as well as students who want to explore the many different educational avenues through the Discovery program.

Tim Stiles

“The plan is a multilane roadmap, and includes our unique ELE (Experiential Learning Experience) and distinctive programs to explore, guaranteeing you the opportunity to put theory into practice through research, internships and study abroad,” explained Tim Stiles, executive director of Stetson’s Office of Career and Professional Development.

-Sandra Carr