Empowering Voices

In April, Stetson’s Staff Advisory Council provided an update on its initiatives to the university cabinet. We had a wide-ranging discussion that included the launch of community-building Hatter Days, inclusive seating at campus events and opportunities for professional development. We also discussed more transparency in job postings and pay ranges (more to come on this in the future).

The Council members also represented to the cabinet the full range of communications they received. It took courage for these staff leaders to remind us that there are members of our community who do not speak up out of fear of reprisals from their supervisors, and there continue to be staff who feel that some of our faculty do not treat them with respect. 

Together we share the goal to “Be a Diverse Community of Inclusive Excellence” and we need all employees to be respected, feel empowered and engaged and to actively participate in Stetson’s present and future. Encouraging open dialogue and freedom of expression fosters a culture of innovation, creativity, increased productivity, a shared sense of ownership and higher morale.

Supervisors and managers who would like guidance or training strategies to encourage employee engagement, diversity and respect in the workplace can contact Drew Macan, AVP in Human Resources, and there are existing policies on Rules of Conduct and Faculty, Staff and Student Grievance Procedures

Together, we can create a community where all employees are encouraged to share their voices.