Face Coverings Optional Outdoors and Campus Vaccination Clinic

John B. Stetson statue wears a face covering on campus.

Safer Campus Task Force Update


  1. Face Coverings Update
  2. COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster Opportunity
  3. Flu Shots
  4. On-Campus COVID-19 Testing
  5. Latest Test Results

Students no longer have to wear masks outdoors, due to COVID-19Face Coverings Optional Outdoors
Effective immediately, face coverings are no longer mandatory in any outdoor setting. In response to sustained positive COVID-19 trends, Stetson University has authorized less restrictive protocols for face coverings outdoors. Previously, masks had been required for specific outdoor events and gatherings where physical distancing could not be maintained.

As a reminder, face coverings continue to be required in:

  • Classrooms
  • Meetings and social gatherings of more than four people (and four or fewer if unvaccinated)
  • Common areas, hallways and shared offices

Stetson recommends all unvaccinated persons wear face coverings in higher risk situations. Total groups and gatherings size restrictions remain unchanged and the university reserves the right to alter these protocols based on COVID-19 trends and health guidance.

Nurses wear face coverings at on-campus vaccination clinic for COVID-19.
Johana Burgos, director of Stetson Health Service, prepares a vaccination at an on-campus clinic last spring.

On-Campus COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster Opportunity
Stetson University, in partnership with the Florida Department of Health, will be hosting a campus COVID-19 vaccination clinic on Monday, Nov. 22, at the Rinker Field House, Hollis Center. First and second doses, as well as boosters will be available. If unable to receive a second dose on that date, individuals may receive the second dose off campus and submit their vaccination record to Stetson by using the online form. At this time, the Volusia County Health Department is unable to accommodate specific vaccine preference. Participants will receive either Pfizer (two doses), Moderna (two doses), or Johnson and Johnson (one dose). Walk-ins are welcome.

As a bonus, the Volusia County Health Department will provide a $10 food voucher for first-dose recipients. COVID-19 boosters also will be available for qualified individuals.

Sign up for your appointment today!

Flu Shots
Protect yourself and your loved ones against influenza (flu) by getting your flu vaccination. Flu shots are currently available at Stetson Health Service, and they are covered by most health insurances. SHS will provide them free of charge to all students while supplies last. In addition, a limited supply is also being offered free of charge to all employees. Make your appointment today by calling 386-822-8150.

Screenshot for SalivaDirect COVID-19 testing On-Campus COVID-19 Testing
SalivaDirect PCR-based testing is free for students, faculty and staff with a Stetson ID and no insurance is required. COVID-19 testing will be provided every other Tuesday, 8:30-9:30 p.m., and Wednesday, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., in the CUB Faculty/Staff Lounge. Please make a note of your registered testing date(s) and time(s) as appointment verification is only provided upon registration and via email 24 hours prior to your test(s).

Latest COVID-19 Test Results  

Asymptomatic On-Campus Testing

  • Oct. 27-Nov. 4 – 91 PCR tests of student-athletes and Athletics staff, 0 positive, 0% positive
  • Oct. 26-Nov. 3 – Ongoing general testing results: 184 tests, 1 positive, 0.54% positive

A full list of Stetson University’s test result statistics is available on our test results page.