‘Notes of Bluemner’

Oscar Bluemner’s “Patterson”

Modernist artist Oscar Bluemner kept meticulous blueprints of his artistic process. Normally, such notes are not available for display, but visitors to the Hand Art Center on the Stetson campus can see Bluemner’s works of art being created step by step.

“Notes of Bluemner,” curated by Chad Serhal, adjunct studio professor, is on display during the Fall Semester 2022 at the Hand Art Center. Cultural Credit is available for students.

“His approach is incredibly scientific,” said Katya Kudryavtseva, PhD, associate professor of Art History and Hand Art Center interim co-director.

Bluemner began as a frustrated architectural designer who shifted his career to study color theory and the connections between mood and color. 

In his work titled, “Patterson,” the sky is described as an “impure pale blue and warm grey at horizon.” The bilingual notes in German and English are written in an unconventional format, as they begin from left to right and flow in a pattern along the edges of the page. 

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Alicia Scott