Stetson’s Class of 2022: Toasting Great Accomplishments Through Unprecedented Times

Stetson Green with azaleas in bloom
One of Stetson’s signature events for graduates is a champagne toast.

Stetson University’s Class of 2022 celebrates with a champagne toast also known as the signature December Toast in the Stetson Room on Friday, December 2. 

The December Toast is a time for graduates to reflect on the highlights of collegiate accomplishments and look forward to joining the ranks of alumni all over the world. 

Margo Thomas

Some of the activities include writing letters to first-year students, meeting with Career and Professional Development and the Alumni Association.

The early evening event started off with a speech from Margo Thomas, executive director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving.

“You join over 40,000 people all over the world,” said Thomas. “We will always celebrate your success; help you find community and network.”   

Erik Libby ’22 encouraged his fellow classmates to move forward with purpose.

Erik Libby, ’22 entrepreneurship and professional sales major, encouraged his peers in a keynote address. Libby’s keynote was a surprise to his family who beamed with pride as he approached the podium to speak. He gave a special thanks to his professors in the School of Business, his friends and his family.

“Move with a sense of purposefulness and faith to a better future after graduation,” said Libby. “It is up to us to be the change in our communities and our world.”

Rina Tovar-Arroyo celebrates the achievements of the Class of 2022.

Rina Tovar-Arroyo, chief of staff and senior development officer, welcomed the senior class, faculty, staff and parents sharing her admiration for the resiliency, creativity and adaptability that this class demonstrated through the challenges of a global pandemic.

Sara Ward, ’23 student event coordinator, shared her excitement about planning this event with Stetson’s University Events Department. 

“This has been a great opportunity to run an event on my own and have some of my friends attending tonight. I am glad to do for them, what I will get to enjoy next semester,” said Ward.

– Alicia Scott