Stetson University’s Latinx Student Union Celebrated The Coming-of-Age Story Of Quinceañera

Students shared personal accounts of receiving gifts, flowers and jewelry to celebrate their coming-of-age celebrations on their fifteenth birthday.

The Latinx Student Union Organization presented the elements of the coming-of-age tradition known as Quinceañera on Monday, March 27, to express the significance of Women’s Empowerment Month.

Dozens of students and several staff members attended the event held from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Stetson Room.

Quinceañera is a generational fifteenth birthday celebration in honor of the milestone into young adulthood.

The history of the Quinceañera celebration dates to the early 1500s in Mexico. However, it is now celebrated globally. 

“A Quinceanera symbolizes the beautiful transition from childhood to young adult life,” said Estefania Ospina, coordinator of Multicultural Programming and Training.  “Many other cultures celebrate this special transition, for instance bat mitzvahs are part of the Jewish tradition. It makes my heart happy to see LSU showcase Latino culture to others!”

On campus, the Stetson Room was transformed into the Quinceañera Gallery.

2022-2023 Latinx Executive Board members

Gowns, photos, dolls, as well as other authentic artifacts from actual Quinceañera celebrations of Latinx members were on display. 

The table settings and decorations embodied the epitome of elegance and class of traditional Quinceañeras all over the world.

Jaimy Lee Cotto De’ Jesus, and Mia Tejado moderated the presentation. 

De’ Jesus and Tejado told the audience that Quinceañera is the name of the party and the birthday girl. 

Jazlyn Garcia, ’23

The Quinceañeras have a court of males called Chambelanes and females referred to as Damas. There are many variations of roles for the court, but typically a waltz, surprise dance or another type of dance is performed in honor of the Quinceañera.

Jazlyn Garcia, ’23, president of Latinx, shared heartfelt personal accounts of her coming-of-age celebration along with others from the audience. 

Lynn Schoenberg

“This was such a well put together event,” said Lynn Schoenberg, associate vice-president of Campus Life and Student Success and dean of Students. “Everything was beautiful and detailed. So many students learned, laughed and had fun.”

The coming-of age presentation was a collective labor of love. 

-Alicia Scott