Basketball Shot Heard ’Round Stetson

Stetson President Christopher F. Roellke didn’t score a point during the men’s and women’s home basketball games Feb. 10, but he sure put on a show.

During halftime of each game — both won by the Hatters — Roellke displayed expert shooting form. In a competition against students, he sank nine of 10 shots from the foul line at the women’s game. Then he outdid the feat during halftime of the men’s game. After making eight of nine free throws, Roellke swished a shot from half-court in front of delirious fans. (By the way, not only did Roellke play guard/forward for the Wesleyan University Cardinals as a team captain, he also played on the baseball team and was an Academic All-American.)

President Roellke showed old college form with his half-court heroics. He’s also taking a shot at bringing back an Edmunds Center tradition.

In addition, Roellke, along with John Downey, PhD, vice president of Campus Life & Student Success, led cheers in the student section with the help of student volunteers, Jacarey Wysinger and Jonathan Savinon.  

Their efforts were intended to follow in the legacy of the late Gus Gibbs, a longtime fan who made a tradition of revving fans up at the Edmunds Center. Gibbs, a native of DeLand and a downtown business owner, would run out on the home court during timeouts to lead the crowd in spelling S-T-E-T-S-O-N. That started in November 1984. 

Goal achieved: Fans stood and cheered loudly — with the hope of a tradition getting renewed.

Roellke and Downey want the tradition to return — and Roellke led the charge with his shooting heroics.

While Roellke’s performances were a bit surprising, the Hatters’ wins were pretty typical for this season. Both teams are enjoying strong conference success.  

Want to attend a game? It’s free of charge with a Stetson ID for students, faculty and staff. For other fans, tickets can be purchased here.

-Michael Candelaria