Keeping in Step with World Health Day’s ‘My Health, My Right’ Theme

Artwork for World Health Day 2024, courtesy of the World Health Organization

When the World Health Organization chose the World Health Day 2024 theme, its leaders were thinking of people throughout the world who lack access to health care and education, safe drinking water, good nutrition, and a healthy environment. 

According to Stetson Health Service Director Johana Burgos, “With current wars and polarized political climates, these basic services are in jeopardy in many parts of the world.” 

World Health Day will be commemorated April 7. 

In honor of World Health Day, Stetson Health Service will participate in an event hosted by the Stetson’s Wellness and Recreation WELL Team. The event, scheduled for noon to 3 p.m. April 5 on the Libby Lawn, is designed to address health issues that student face, help them “learn how to take care of themselves,” and impart the importance of overall well-being, Burgos noted.

The event will include discussions about heart health, HIV and sexual health, drug education, mental health, on-campus resources, and services available at the clinic. Cultural Credit will be offered, and prizes will be awarded through a raffle.

Throughout the year, thanks to Stetson Health Service, students, employees and dependents ages 16 and older have affordable access to a host of non-emergency medical care and health education.

The clinic, located in Griffith Hall, partners with AdventHealth DeLand and is staffed with a physician, a physician’s assistant, a registered nurse and medical assistant. Hours are 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

An onsite lab performs testing for COVID-19, the flu, pregnancy, mononucleosis, strep, sexually transmitted infections and other conditions.

Pregnancy tests are subsidized, and reduced fees are available through Quest Diagnostics for common lab work. Prescriptions that are unavailable in-house are sent electronically to a pharmacy, and referrals are sent directly to specialists. 

Mission of Stetson Health Service

Johana Burgos, director of Stetson Health Service

“Stetson Health Service’s mission is to promote optimal health, wellness and disease prevention, and provide quality health care that is appropriate, affordable, accessible and relevant,” said Burgos, a registered nurse. 

All services are billed to insurance, with discounted rates available to the uninsured. Same-day or next-day appointments are often available. In urgent cases, patients are directed to walk-in clinics. If they lack transportation, they’re encouraged to use VoRide, which provides $2 rides anywhere in DeLand.  

Education is an important component of patient care at Stetson Health Service. 

“Our provider discusses the illness with the patient and explains different options for treatment,” Burgos said. “She takes her time to ensure they understand the information presented and discusses which websites they shouldn’t trust for health info.” 

In addition, the clinic participates in other health education events and fairs hosted by Wellness and Recreation, student groups or Stetson’s Human Resources Department. Topics range from mental and relational health to heart health and sexually transmitted diseases. 

“We also use social media platforms to educate patients about different health topics that are relevant to the college population,” Burgos added.

During the pandemic, Stetson Health Service rose to the challenge, working in tandem with local health departments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and multiple departments within Stetson. 

Burgos described the work as a “whole-community effort that led to great results.” 

-Cheri Henderson