Ambigrams With
Reflectional Symmetry

Here is my last name, Friedman, in the shape of a man

This is the first name of an e-pal, Ellen Thurmond.

And this is her last name made into a symmetrical snowman for a holiday card I sent her.

I made the next four ambigrams for another e-pal, Lynn Hatfield. This is her first name.

This is her last name.

The next two are for her kids, Chad and Rhianna.

This one is for her son and her boyfriend, who are both named Chris.

Here are some more ambigrams I've made for e-pals. This one is for Sharon.

This one is the last name of Jane Martin, in the shape of a face.

This one is for Wynter.

This is for another friend of mine, Deborah Branton.

This one is for my significant other, Margie Hale. It is her first name in the shape of a four leaf clover.

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