MS 301 - Real Analysis I

Professor: Erich Friedman

About the course:

We will meet MWF at 11:00 in Elizabeth 318. This course will cover material from chapters 1--6 of the text, Real Analysis, A First Course by Gordon. This course is a rigorous study of the calculus, including sequences, limits, continuity, derivatives, and integrals. Along the way, we will prove most of the big results from Calculus I and II.

About me:

My e-mail address is My web page can be found at My office phone is x7552. My office hours this semester are:

About you:

You should have taken MS201, MS202, MS203, and MS255. The more you remember, the better. Other proof-intensive courses like MS305 and MS411 will have given you more practice. You should be respectful of both me and your classmates. This means coming to class on time and not socializing in class.

About your grade:

Homework will be assigned from every section we cover, but I will not collect it. Instead, we will discuss homework for roughly half of the following class period. Feel free to work together on the homework problems, but make sure you could do similar problems on a test by yourself. If you can't do a homework problem, make sure you ask about it in class or during my office hours.

Quizzes and Tests will be given on each chapter, as indicated on the syllabus. Each quiz will be half the period, and will be worth 25 points. Each test will consist of an in-class portion that will take the entire period worth 100 points, and a take-home portion due the next class period worth 25 points. You are allowed to use your book and your notes on the take-home portion, but you are not allowed to use other people, other books, or the internet.

The Final Exam will be 2 hours long, given in class. It will be comprehensive, and will be worth 200 points. There are 800 points total. .