MS 402 - Real Analysis II

Professor: Erich Friedman

About the course:

We will meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11:00 in Elizabeth 202. This course is the continuation of MS 401. We will still be using my notes Hundreds of Theorems in Analysis, and you will still spend much of your time at the board doing proofs. I will not be lecturing on the material.

About me:

My e-mail address is My web page can be found at My office phone is x7552. My office hours this semester are:

I am always in my office during these times. If you cannot make my regularly scheduled hours, let me know and we can set up another time to talk. Please come by if you need help, or if you just want to chat.

About you:

You should have passed MS 401. The content of MS 201, MS 202, and MS 255 will also help, as you will be proving things about differentiation and integration all semester. If you fall behind later, come see me as soon as possible.

About your grade:

Homework consists of written proofs of certain problems in the notes. Homework can be submitted anytime we are still studying that topic, and will be graded and returned promptly. Each problem may be resubmitted if not satisfactory. You are not to use any outside source (except me) for these homework problems. Homework is designed to reinforce certain concepts, and make sure you can do proofs on your own. Homework is worth 1/5 of your grade.

Class participationis very important. You are expected to come to every class with something to present. You are encouraged to discuss non-homework problems with others both in and outside of class. Writing proofs, explaining them, and critiquing another's proof are the major components of this course. If you do this well, the exams will be much easier. Class participation is worth 1/5 of your grade.

Oral exams are to be scheduled with me as we finish differentiation and integration. Don't be afraid of these exams. As the class is small, they are the best way for me to find out what you have learned from the class. These exams are each worth 1/5 of your grade.

The Final Exam will be written. Since the connections between chapters are as important as the chapters themselves, the final exam will cover material from both MS 401 and MS 402 (limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration). This exam is worth the remaining 1/5 of your grade.