MS 372 - Statistics

Professor: Erich Friedman

About the course:

We will meet MWF at 9:00 in Elizabeth 209. We will cover some of the material in chapters 8 and 10--16 of the text Mathematical Statistics by Freund. The topics we will cover are point estimates and their properties, interval estimation, and hypothesis testing. We will be dealing with the normal distribution often, and use it to derive the chi-squared, t, and F distributions. We will do specific tests, as well as learn the general methodology behind them. You are also expected to do a statistical project.

About me:

My e-mail address is My web page can be found at My office is Elizabeth 214-2. My office hours this semester are:

I am always in my office during these times. If you cannot make my regularly scheduled hours, let me know and we can set up another time to talk. Please come by if you need help, or if you just want to chat.

About you:

You will need a good working knowledge of probability, including densities and distribution functions, and the more common distributions such as the Poisson, Normal, Exponential, and Binomial distributions.

About your grade:

Homework will not be collected, but I will answer questions in class as time permits. I have handed out complete solutions to every homework problem, so there may be fewer questions than usual.

Take Home Tests will be given after the four major topics. You are allowed to use your textbook, your notes, your calculator, your computer, and your brain. You are not allowed to use library books, the internet, or other people. You will be expected to show your work and justify your answers. Each test will be worth 1/7 of your grade.

A Statistics Project is also worth 1/7 of your grade. See the Project Infomation Sheet for more details about the project.

The Final Exam will be an in-class exam and will be worth the remaining 2/7 of your grade.