Erich Friedman's
Published Miscellaneous Puzzles

Different Rectangles (February 2020, Games)

Vegetable Garden (January 2020, Games)

Catch-22 (December 2019, Games)

ABC Hive (October 2019, Games)

Color Mazes (September 2019, Mensa Bulletin)

Emoji Films (September 2019, Games)

Bar Charts (June 2019, Games)

Crazy Pavement (May 2019, Games)

Emoji Books (April 2019, Games)

Half and Half (February 2019, Games)

Jump Rope (June 2018, Games)

Map Properties (May 2018, Games)

About Face (April 2018, Games)

Pentomino Mazes (September 2017, Mensa Bulletin)

Single Sight (February 2017, Games)

Train Puzzle (February 2016, Dark Effects Escape Room)

Pathfinder (January 2016, Games)

Encoded Mines (October 2015, Games)

Thermometers (September 2015, Games)

The Great Divide (May 2015, Games)

Encoded Mines (April 2015, Games)

Vegetable Garden (February 2015, Games)

Divide and Conquer (December 2014, Games)

Cross Roads (October 2014, Games)

Mind the Gap (Summer 2014, World of Puzzles)

Reverse Battleships (August 2014, Games)
Circular Reasoning (August 2014, Games)

Letters of Distinction (August 2014, Games)

Knight Loops (Spring 2014, World of Puzzles)

Paper Clips (May 2014, Games)

Half Suits (Winter 2014, World of Puzzles)

Encoded Mines (February 2014, Games)

Boomerangs (December 2013, Games)

Crowded Intersections (November 2013, Games)

College Daze (Cover, September 2013, Games)

A-B-C Hive (August 2013, Games)

Try Angles (May 2013, Games)

Timber! (April 2013, Games)

23 Skidoo (March 2013, Games)

That's Not Right (Summer 2012, World of Puzzles)

Variety (July 2012, Lucid)

Mixed-Up Map (April 2012, Games)

The Great Divide (March 2012, World of Puzzles)

Exactly-One Mazes (November 2011, World of Puzzles)

Divide and Conquer (November 2011, Games)

That's Not Right (September 2011, Games)

Alternating Step (September 2011, World of Puzzles)

Starry Night (July 2011, Games)

Divide and Conquer (March 2011, World of Puzzles)
Tic-Tac-Toe (March 2011, World of Puzzles)

Packing (Winter 2011, Automation Notebook)

Slow Turn (February 2011, Games)

Shape Shifts (January 2011, World of Puzzles)

Chess Snake (December 2010, Games)

Bird Watching (October 2010, Games)

Region Division (September 2010, Games)

Chess Avoidance
(Feb 2012, May 2011, Aug/Oct/Nov 2010, Games)

Replacement (July 2010, Games)

Unequal Mazes (July 2010, World of Puzzles)

Perplexing Path (May 2010, World of Puzzles)

Zig-Zag (April 2010, Games)

Full Hex (March 2010, Games)

Divide and Conquer (March 2010, World of Puzzles)

Full House (June 2008, Bash)
Full Hex (June 2008, Bash)
Hex Turn (June 2008, Bash)
Connect the Dots (June 2008, Bash)
Dot Triangles (June 2008, Bash)

Color Maze (April 2007, Reader's Digest)

Perplex City Cards (August 2005)

Connect the Dots (March 2001 / October 2017, Games)

Variety (November 1999, Pages)