Reused Letter Puzzles

Fill in the 2 missing words in each sentence below. One word has 3 letters. The other word has 6 letters missing: 2 each of the letters in the 3-letter word. Each puzzle below has a unique solution that makes sense. (The blanks below are colored only so you can count letters.)

1. Sheila insisted there was an ___ to making ______ sauce.

2. Now that I'm grown up, it would ______ me to sit on my aunt Sophie's ___.

3. After drinking lots of ___, Josh tends to ______ incoherently.

4. Josh also has a history of b______ on ___.

5. The scientist had no _p_____ on why the ___ conducted electricity so well.

6. The guide ___ us to the spot where Burr and Hamilton _u_____.

7. Carl lived in the ____r__, so he couldn't take a ___ to work.

8. Helen didn't want to ___ her report by using poor g______.

9. On vacation, we spent a great ___ of money attending ___e___.

10. Maria o______ a ___ sports car from her dealer.

11. The _n_____r at the zoo ___ its meal surprisingly quickly.

12. Also at the zoo, it _____r_d that the ___ enjoyed all the attention.

13. The cyclist ___ the entire race and p__a____ to victory.

14. Mark became worried when his ___ iguana lost his a____i__.

15. Julie considered not wearing a ___ to be ______ic.

16. With a ___, the manager c_____e_ the player's bad behavior.

17. The nuclear power plant was in danger when a fuel ___ became c_____e_.

18. Although George was quite ___, he only placed _____e_h in the marathon.

19. ___ could have said a lot more in the meeting, but was quite ____pi__.

20. D___t___ Philadelphia used to be dangerous, but ___ it is much safer.

The answers are here.