Erich Friedman's Published Word Puzzles

In Short Order (February 2020, Games)

Nickel and Dime (January 2020, Games)

Word Mazes (December 2019, Games)

Double A (June 2019, Games)

T for Two (April 2019, Games)

Word Hexes (September 2018, Games)

Team Pairs (February 2018, Games)

Four By Four (January 2018, Games)

Stacked Stars (December 2017, Games)

Word Chains (October 2017, Games)

Broken Words (August 2017, Brainzilla)

Word Overlap (August 2017, Games)

Number Stacks (May 2017, Games)

Word Hexes (April 2017, Games)

A Perfect Fit (February 2017, Games)

Word Hexes (April 2016, Games)

With or Without (October 2015, Games)

Eeek (September 2015, Games)

Word Snakes (June 2015, Games)

Two Pair (May 2015, Games)

Similar Synonyms (Spring 2015, WordPlay)

Triple Lock (April 2015, Games)

Pinwheels (March 2015, Games)

Similar Synonyms (December 2014, WordPlay)
Road Blocks (December 2014, WordPlay)

Letter Compartments (November 2014, Games)
Word Hexes (November 2014, Games)

Permutations (August 2014, Games)

Synonym Crossings (July 2014, Games)

Movie Lines (June 2014, WordPlay)
An Inside Job (June 2014, WordPlay)
Similar Synonyms (June 2014, WordPlay)

Internal Affairs (May 2014, Games)

Tag Lines (April 2014, Games)

Do-Re-Mi (April 2014, WordPlay)
An Inside Job (April 2014, WordPlay)
Wall of Fame (April 2014, WordPlay)

In & Out (Extra 2013, World of Puzzles)

Skyscrapers (November 2013, Games)

Written All Over (October 2013, Games)

Sparse Criss-Crosses (September 2013, Games)

Two By Two (August 2013, Games)

Outside The Box (July 2013, Games)

Zaaz (Spring 2013, World of Puzzles)

Clue Cross (May 2013, Games)

City Blocks (April 2013, Games)

Category Jumbles (March 2013, Games)

Road Blocks (February 2013, Games)

From A to B (November 2012, Games)
Strike 3 (November 2012, Games)
Word Hex (November 2012, Games)

Shifting Vowels (September 2012, Games)

Triad Categories (August 2012, Games)

Actor Hexes (May 2012, Games)

Six Packs (May 2012, World of Puzzles)

Triple Letter (April 2012, Games)

Hat & Tie (March 2012, World of Puzzles)

Word Slide (March 2012, Games)

Atomic Symbols (February 2012, Games)
Cat & Dog (February 2012, Games)

Letter Order (January 2012, World of Puzzles)
Hollywood Squares (January 2012, World of Puzzles)

State Lines (December 2011, Games)

In Other Words (November 2011, Games)
Hollywood Squares (November 2011, Games)

Chunky Criss-Cross (September 2011, Games)

Average Countries (August 2011, Games)

Word Hex (July 2011, World of Puzzles)

Double or Nothing (July 2011, December 2017, Games)

Add Four (May 2011, World of Puzzles)

Letter Switch (March 2011, World of Puzzles)
Reused Letter (March 2011, World of Puzzles)
Word Triangle (March 2011, World of Puzzles)

Jumble Bee (February 2011, Games)

Disjointed States (November 2010, Games)
Boxed-In Words (November 2010, Games)

Hockey Criss-Cross (October 2010, Brain Games)

Chunky Criss Cross (August 2010, Games)

Word Triangles (July 2010, Brain Games)
Word Trios (July 2010, Brain Games)

In a Word (December 2009, Games)

Opposite (July 2009, Brain Games)