Erich's Other 2-D Jigsaw Puzzles

86 items as of 8/27/17

Packing Puzzles
Packing ArrowsCrazy L PuzzlePacking QuartersSquare DanceTrapped Man
Hercules5 LJeweled CrownHouses / FactoriesIQ Puzzle #1
IQ Puzzle #2IQ Puzzle #3IQ Puzzle #4W Puzzle *Engelberg Square
Cruiser4 Sleazy PiecesFew TileSix PackEasy/Hard For U *
Small Snakes *Substantial Snakes *Bumpy L *iQ Puzzle Shirt

Tri/Square/Hex * Blue Square/StarGreen Square/StarYellow Square/StarPurple Square/Star
E/F *

Partridge Puzzles
Square *Rectangle *Long Rectangle *Shed *Trapezoid *

Circular Puzzles
Crazy Circle *Squaring the CirclePac-Man PuzzleCircle ChallengeMinder Bender
Sand TrapRain DropsProfound Round

Other 2-D Jigsaws
TormentorTricky Triangle *Puzzle Pentagon * Hexing Hexagon *
Flamingo SunsetLast Piece PuzzleTaxi PuzzleWine Glass
Pentagonal StarApplesBoxesTool Trouble
Puzzle EraserPythagorus PuzzleR Gee
On the SquareNabuchoContouraPentagor
SweetheartDisappear SquareSquare WhereSense-A-GonSuper Star
Mona LisaRaging RapidsChinese PuzzleNob Devil
GoblinPuzzle EraserSequenceCeltic Knot