Erich's 2-D Matching Puzzles

105 items as of 1/8/18

Square Matching Puzzles
Multimatch IIButterfly SquaresSpace SquaresOne Tough PuzzleIt's Knot Easy
On The LevelIzziPsychic PuzzleColor Match Floral Derangement
Four Square PuzzleMini-PuzzleNitty GrittyDiamondsThe Labyrinth
The SpheresThe CelestialThe PathSet Squares
Challenge 1ClicPatiencePeek-a-booSports Balls
Olympic AthletesSports GearHoo DooLovers' LabyrinthLeapin' Lizards
Fabulous FrogsMangle QuadrangleBlock ShockLewis and ClarkUltimate Puzzle
FootballBasketballTeddy BearsPuppiesOne Tough Puzzle
One Tough PuzzleCeltic Knotwork
Hexagon Matching Puzzles
ThinkominosCircus PuzzlerHex-19 *Bee PuzzleDrive Ya Nuts
Magic 19NutsMagic HexagonSpace EdgeNuts
HexCrystal Cube MazePair It

Magic Square Puzzles
3x3Challenging 34Maddening Square5x5R Gee Square
Challenge #5Magic Number34 Skidoo

Rectangular Matching Puzzles
8 Piece Flat PuzzleH. P. Puzzle IIH. P. Puzzle IIICatch-218cto *
Krazee LinksSomething FishyGolf Line PuzzleGridlockRectangle Tangle
Buried TreasureSpace JunkFrog FeastCheckle HeckleTile-O-Rama
Endless ChainCheckle Heckle

Other 2-D Matching Puzzles
Apothecary PuzzleTrifoliaThink-Tac-ToeHoley L *
Foxagon *Fish TriazzleTricky IckiesBumper CarsRGB Roundup
Tricky TriangleL-topiaKinato JuniorKinatoEclipse *
Perfect SquarePerfect CircleBlockadeSpectraJuno's Rope Magic