Erich's 2-D Matching Puzzles

106 items as of 8/27/19

Scramble Squares
DisneyOlympic RunnersOlympic AthletesSports Gear
Peek-A-BooSports BallsLeapin' LizardsFabulous FrogsLewis and Clark
FootballBasketballTeddy BearsPuppiesCeltic Knots
Other Square Matching Puzzles
Multimatch IIUltimate PuzzleOne Tough PuzzleOne Tough PuzzleIt's Knot Easy
On The LevelIzziPsychic PuzzleColor Match Floral Derangement
Four Square PuzzleMini-PuzzleNitty GrittyDiamondsThe Labyrinth
The SpheresThe CelestialThe PathSet Squares
Block ShockMangle QuadrangleLovers' LabyrinthHoo DooPatience
Hexagon Matching Puzzles
ThinkominosCircus PuzzlerHex-19 *Bee PuzzleDrive Ya Nuts
Magic 19NutsMagic HexagonSpace EdgeNuts
HexCrystal Cube MazePair It

Magic Square Puzzles
3x3Challenging 34Maddening Square5x5R Gee Square
Challenge #5Magic Number34 Skidoo

Rectangular Matching Puzzles
8 Piece Flat PuzzleH. P. Puzzle IIH. P. Puzzle IIICatch-218cto *
Krazee LinksSomething FishyGolf Line PuzzleGridlockRectangle Tangle
Buried TreasureSpace JunkFrog FeastCheckle HeckleTile-O-Rama
Endless ChainCheckle Heckle

Other 2-D Matching Puzzles
Apothecary PuzzleTrifoliaThink-Tac-ToeHoley L *
Foxagon *Fish TriazzleTricky IckiesBumper CarsRGB Roundup
Tricky TriangleL-topiaKinato JuniorKinatoEclipse *
Perfect SquarePerfect CircleBlockadeSpectraJuno's Rope Magic