Erich's 3-D Matching Puzzles

69 items as of 2/25/20

Polypolyomino Puzzles
5 Square Meals *Short TL *4 Rectangles *Crossed Out *Long TL *
SST *U Can Do It *A Big IF *5 Sticks *WooL *
7 Sticks *Lots of L's *Left/Right *D's and F's *P's and Q's *
Pieces of Eight *Cover UpColor Match #1 *Color Match #2 *Color Match #3 *
Color Match #4 *Color Match #5 *Color Match #6 *A's and W's *P's and W's *
I's and Y's *D's and R's *

Cube Matching Puzzles
Almost ImpossibleInstant InsanityFootsiePoker PuzzleComputer Cubes
Crossword Cubes>OXO PuzzlerBunkeredFrantic IIDrives You Crazy
Steiffel TowerDice DominoesColor CubesOctacube
MagnacubeMatch'em HighDoc's DiceWash. Monument
TantalizerHide the Gold

Other 3-D Matching Puzzles
Oops AgainDie Puzzle
Twice DicePrairie DogRed MobiusBrainstringOops
Alien HiveTransposer 6BonbonsGenesisKaboozle
TantrixIdea CubeDice PuzzleBlue MobiusIcosoku
Cracked Dice