Erich's 3-D Sliding Puzzles

42 items as of 8/11/11

Cubical Sliding Puzzles
Clark's CubeChang's IQ CubeMagic JackInversionMinus Cube
Mad Marbles3 Level PuzzleChallenge LimitWhite VarikonRed Varikon
Black Hole

Can Puzzles
Pepsi CanCoke CanDiet Coke CanSprite CanSuper Mario Can
Dino CanLove CanMickey Can7-Up Can

Cylindrical Slide Puzzles
3x6 Whip-It4x6 Whip-ItHex Whip-It6x6 Whip-It
Missing LinkTower of BabylonWooden Egg10 Billion BarrelCalendar Bank
Smarties RotatorTouchdownGlenlivet BottleTower
Pen$100 MugCaptain's MugZyllaEntrapment