Erich's Solitaire Puzzles

57 items as of 3/6/17

Square Grid Puzzles
Peg SolitaireBaffler No. 19 Peg PuzzleHi-Q
Switch Peg PuzzleBaffler #5 33 Peg PuzzleQuarterback Sneak
NeighborsBastille37 Peg PuzzleU Beat ItPuzzle Peg
Big KahunaSwitchIQ Tester

Triangular Grid Puzzles
Think And JumpPyramid PuzzleOriginal IQ TesterMini Solitaire
Star Of David
Reversal PuzzlerKe Puzzle GameChristmasTriple Triangle

Tower of Hanoi Puzzles
Tower of HanoiTree PuzzleMagic TowersRabbi's Revenge
Pharaoh's DilemmaTower of HanoiPsycho

Passing Puzzles
Mountain GoatsEight Men PuzzleJumping Frog8 Men on a Log

Other Solitaire Puzzles
Right OnStar Trekker *GalaxyStar of DavidLittle Genius
Knight's MoveSevensWanderRings