Erich's Entanglement Puzzles

134 items as of 1/26/16

Large Iron Puzzles
Dirty DogDouble BypassPatience PuzzleDouble Trouble
PhoenixLyon's LoopOld ShacklesBridle
PentagonChain Cast PuzzleFoolerCast Star
Ox HornLong Island CatchClef HangerStarCage
Tour de BicycleOskar's BlocksFour Clover

Wood and String Puzzles
Boot StrapsMouse MazeCrazy StringStuck SticksRing Release
Captain's Puzzle
Twin TiedEurekaSingle Horseshoe
Captured Heart
Mysterious XTrapped MouseType AType NThe Tangler

Metal and String Puzzles
AnnihilatorCon-TRAP-tionChaperoneDevil's Staircase
Golf String PuzzleMind TeaserBonesTrapped Blade
Dragon StringDouble RingsEasy Idea Toy

Wire Puzzles Shaped Like Objects
Silent EABlue KnightClef
HorseBullCalf *Swastica *Butterfly

Wire Puzzles With Heart Shuttles
UeeyHeartachePicassoDouble Bypass
Spiral Heart *Double BypassiQ Puzzle #1Zig Zag *

Other Wire Entanglement Puzzles
Chain ReactionDouble ImageConestoga Playmate
PawnbrokerScissorsUnbalanced ScalesPendulumPagoda Level 3
Mugzi Jr.
Satan's StirrupAlexis Spiral
Spiral Square*Fantastic IdeaSpiral Triangle*
Jiu Lian Huan
iQ Puzzle #2iQ Puzzle #3iQ Puzzle #4iQ Puzzle #5iQ Puzzle #6