Mathematica Workbook

to accompany

 Linear Algebra with Applications


 Gareth Williams

 (Jones and Bartlett Publishers)


The package consists of three files:

1. ReadMe: Gives an overview and explains where the other two files should be placed.

2. Workbook:  This is the file the instructor or student uses. Consists of the topics listed below.

3. LinAlg: This folder contains the programs LAWA.m which are used in the workbook. Need never be opened. 


This material may be modified by an instructor or student for course use. Not to be sold or used for commercial purposes.


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1 Gauss-Jordan Elimination

2 Matrices

3 Archaeology

4 Inverse of a Matrix

5 Cryptography

6 Leontief Input/Output Model

7 Markov Chains

8 Digraphs

9 Determinants

10 Cramer's Rule

11 Sketching Vectors

12 Vectors in n-Space

13 Forces

14 Subspaces

15 Linear Combinations

16 Spanning Sets

17 Generating a Vector Space

18 Linear Dependence, Basis

19 Animation of Linear Dependence 

20 Basis for a Subspace

21 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors 

22 Euclidean Geometry

23 Projection onto a Vector

24 Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization

25 Projection onto a Subspace

26 Geometries on Pn

27 Non-Euclidean Geometries

28 Special Relativity

29 Linear Transformations

30 Matrix Transformations

31 Composite Transformations

32 Fractals

33 Kernel and Range

34 One-to-One, Onto, Isomorphisms

35 Least Squares

36 Similarity Transformations

37 Eigenvectors of Symmetric Matrices

38 Diagonalization of Matrices

39 Orthogonal Diagaonalization

40 Power Method for Dominant Eigenvalue

41 Connectivity of a Graph


This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under the Course and Curriculum Development program