Hala ElAarag

Professor of Computer Science
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Stetson University
Room 214-4 Elizabeth Hall
Phone: (386) 822-7554
email: helaarag@stetson.edu

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Introduction to Computer Science I

This course has two main objectives. It introduces computer science and object oriented programming. In this course, binary number system and its relationship to other number systems and binary arithmetic are introduced. The hardware components of a computer and how they interact within von Neumann architecture are covered. Computer hardware including devices such as transistors, gates and circuits are discussed. The problem-solving process is examined through an introduction to algorithm analysis. The concepts of machine language and assembly language are covered. Many other computer science areas are introduced. These include operating systems, artificial intelligence, computer networks and computer graphics. Object-orientation has become an important paradigm in all fields of computer science. It is important to teach object-oriented programming from the first programming course. In this course, Java is used as an example of object-oriented programming languages. Not only the syntax and semantics of object-oriented programming in java are covered, but we focus on the concepts. After this course students should be able to apply these concepts effectively and systematically in developing programs. Students will develop real-world programs. This course will lay the foundation for building large-scale programs.

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