Hala ElAarag

Professor of Computer Science
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Stetson University
Room 214-4 Elizabeth Hall
Phone: (386) 822-7554
email: helaarag@stetson.edu

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Computer Organization


The course covers microprocessor architecture, programming and applications with the 8085. The students use 8085 microprocessor simulator and primer boards for assembly language labs and projects. The course also covers the basic building blocks and design methods used in the construction of synchronous digital systems, most notably, digital computers. A variety of different representations of digital systems are described, including truth table, logic gate, timing diagram, state diagram, block diagram, etc. Families of highly integrated programmable logic are covered. The course includes extensive software tutorials to introduce students to the fundamentals of computer-based digital design tools, combinational logic and arithmetic circuits. Software tools include LogicWorks for circuit design simulation and University of California at Berkeley CAD tool, Espresso. Students also physically build digital circuits using chips from TTL family in the lab. The course introduces different computer architectures; mainly discusses a comparison of RISC and CISC architectures. Several hardware projects for example, design of Arithmetic logic unit and a mini computer are assigned. In addition to assembly language projects, e.g. traffic light controllers and elevator controllers.

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