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Amazon.com & Coca-cola

Filename: AMZN-KO.XLS
Daily returns, for ten years (2005 through 2014) for the stocks of two companies: Amazon.com (stock ticker AMZN) and Coca-cola (stock ticker KO). Taken from the Yahoo! Finance website of historical stock prices. Used for an introductory assignment on the standard deviation.

Amazon, Duke Energy, and Coke

Daily closing share prices, for ten years (2007 through 2016) for the stocks of three companies: Amazon.com (stock ticker AMZN), Duke Energy (DUK) and Coca-cola (KO). Taken from the Yahoo! Finance website of historical stock prices. Used for an analytics homework assignment on basic portfolio management.

Baseball - Statistical Quality Control

Annual records (since 1901) for every major league baseball team, giving data for home runs, runs scored, team batting average, and team winning percentage. Do these processes appear to be "in control"?

Best City in Florida

Filename: BestCity.XLS
Data on several quality-of-life variables for twenty cities in Florida. Used in a classroom activity on ranking and rating procedures.


Filename: BHH.XLS
Data from Statistics for Experimenters, by Box, Hunter, & Hunter. Results from an industrial experiment. Used to illustrate several approaches to analyzing data, in chapters 2 and 3 of that book.

Body Fat

Data on percent bodyfat measurements for a sample of 252 men, along with various measurements of body size. Percent body fat is normally measured by weighing the person underwater - a cumbersome procedure. The goal is a regression model that will allow accurate estimation of percent body fat, given easily obtainable body measurements. The data were taken from the Journal of Statistics Education website.

Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs

Filename: CFSB.XLS
Weights of 10,000 (nominally) twenty-ounce boxes of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs breakfast cereal. The assignment based upon these data, intended to demonstrate application of basic statistical and quantitative skills, is here.

College Scorecard

Filename: CollegeScorecard.CSV
A subset of the data from College Scorecard, a Department of Education website that gives data on various variables regarding school performance (mainly related to student loans and graduation rates). A description of the variables is here.


Filename: DARTS.XLS
Can stock market professionals really do any better than simply throwing darts at pages of stock market listings? The Wall Street Journal ran a monthly contest on this for several years. These data are the results of their contests.

Death Rates

Death rates (by state) from various causes, as well as information on related factors (such as age distribution and urbanization). From the Statistical Abstract of the United States.

Diamond Prices

Prices of cut diamonds, along with data on color, clarity, and ratings agency. Taken from the Journal of Statistics Education online data archive.

Dow-Jones Industrial Average

Filename: DJIA.XLS
Sixteen years (2000-2015) of daily closing prices for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The data were obtained from the Yahoo! Finance historical stock quotations page (for earlier data) and "FRED," the Federal Reserve Economic Data (for later data).

Dow-Jones and S&P 500

Filename: DJI-SP.XLS
Twenty years (1991-2011) of monthly closing prices for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard and Poor's 500 stock market indexes. The data were obtained from Yahoo! Finance's historical stock quotations page.

Economic Data

Filename: EconData.XLS
Unemployment rate and inflation rate, in February of post-WW2 election years. For an in-class activity on regression models. Source: Federal Reserve Economic Data ("FRED").

Florida Lottery

Winning numbers from the Florida Lottery (through the end of 2008), as reported by the state lottery commission. Note that from its inception through 23 October 1999, the lottery was "pick 6 of 49." Thereafter, it was a "pick 6 of 53" lottery.


Filename: FTSE.XLSX
Daily data on the FTSE 100 stock index (the leading British index), 2011 through 2017. Used for a data analysis activity in STAT 460. The "Brexit" referendum occurred on 23 June 2016. In this referendum, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. This outcome was considered a surprise. The research question is: did it affect the volatility of financial markets?

Kentucky Derby

Winning time of the Kentucky Derby since its inception in 1875. The file gives the year, name of the winning horse, and winning time in minutes and seconds.


Filename: KFDATA.XLS
Daily closing prices for six stocks (Disney, Ford, General Electric, Coca-cola, AT&T, and WalMart), for the month of January 2016. For use on an exam ("knowledge festival") in STAT 201. Data source: Yahoo! Finance.

Local Correlation

Data sets used in the paper "Explaining Success in Baseball: The Local Correlation Approach," by Hamrick and Rasp, published in the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports.

Major League Baseball - 2016 Games

Filename: MLB_2016_games.XLSX
Results from Major League Baseball's 2016 regular season. Home and road teams, and runs scored, for each game in the 2016 regular season.

Major League Baseball - 2016 Season

Filename: MLB2016.XLS
Results from Major League Baseball's 2016 regular season. (Team win-loss records, plus runs scored and runs allowed.)

NCAA Baseball

Results from the NCAA Division I Regional Baseball Tournament, for the years 2003 through 2008.


Filename: NFL9800.XLS
Filename: NFL0108.XLS
Data from the 1998 through 2000 seasons of the National Football League, giving year and week of the game, home and visiting teams, score, and pointspread. The same data for the 2001 through 2008 seasons, minus the pointspread data.


Filename: NLYS.XLS
A small subset of data from the National Longitudinal Youth Survey.

Normal Body Temperature

Data on body temperature, gender, and heart rate. Taken from the article "A Critical Appraisal of 98.6 Degrees F ...," by Mackowiak et al., in the Journal of the American Medical Association (vol. 268, pp. 1578-80, 1992).


Air quality measurements on 41 U.S. cities. Data obtained from A Handbook of Small Data Sets, edited by D.J. Hand, et al.

Poverty Statistics

Data for 97 countries, on birth and death rates, infant mortality rates, life expectancies, and per capita GDP. Obtained from the Journal of Statistics Education online data archive. Original source was 1990 United Nations data.

Presidential Election

Results for Post-World War II presidential elections, giving the total number of votes cast for all candidates as well as the number received by the two major political parties.

Sirius Cybernetics

Filename: SIRIUS1.XLS
Filename: SIRIUS2.XLS
Filename: SIRIUS3.XLS
Filename: SIRIUS4.XLS
Filename: SIRIUS5.XLS
Filename: SIRIUS6.XLS
Filename: SIRIUS7.XLS
Filename: SIRIUS8.XLS
Filename: SIRIUS9.XLS
Filename: SIRIUS0.XLS
Data for a mock "case." The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is bidding on a contract to supply parts to a defense contractor.


Data from the first (and last) voyage of the Titanic.

U.S. Population

Filename: USPOP.XLS
Population of the United States, in each decennial census.