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I like to make copies of old exams available to students. This is done for two reasons. The first is that some students find these to be valuable resources. The second is that some students have access to backfiles. If some students can access backfiles, then simple fairness means that all students should have access to backfiles.

I am NOT saying "you should use these in your studying" or "this year's exam will be just like previous exams." I am constantly revising my courses. What I AM saying is that some students have found these to be useful resources in the past. If nothing else, they should give you an idea of the level of knowledge expected.

I am providing two versions of each "knowledge festival." One is the original version. The other is a version with worked solutions. Best way to use these would be to download the first version, and work the problems. Then use the second version to check your solutions. Working problems is a more powerful learning experience than simply reading solved problems.



These old "knowledge festivals" were given in STAT 201, which was an Introduction to Business Statistics course that is no longer offered. (The material in that course is now part of BSAN 111, Intro to Business Analytics.) Some students may find these to be useful in reviewing content from whatever preliminary statistics class they took.

Basic Skills Test
Version A - Blank Version A - With Solutions
Version B - Blank Version B - With Solutions



This is the statistical methods course required for all business majors. Copies of "knowledge festivals" from the Fall Semester of 2019 are provided. Again, I stress: the course is under constant revision. Topics change slightly from semester to semester, and the order of presentation varies as well. If you see something here that you haven't seen in class, "Don't Panic" (in the immortal words of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). It may be that we haven't gotten to that topic yet — and may not be getting to that topic at all this semester. But what is provided here should give you a good idea as to what to expect on the "festival."

Exams for STAT 301 - Business Statistics
First Concepts K.F. - blank First Concepts K.F. - w/ solutions
First Computations K.F. - blank First Computations K.F. - w/ solutions
Second Concepts K.F. - blank Second Concepts K.F. - w/ solutions
Second Computations K.F. - blank Second Computations K.F. - w/ solutions