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BSAN 111 - Intro to Business Analytics STAT 301 - Business Statistics SPTB 345 - Sport Business Analytics STAT 440 - Forecasting STAT 460 - Experimental Design Minor in Applied Statistics

Stetson offers a Minor in Applied Statistics.

The minor is not designed to train students to be fully-functioning professional statisticians. Rather, the intention is that students completing the minor will be equipped with a set of quantitative skills and abilities that will complement their academic major, and prepare them to take on more advanced quantitative tasks in that field. Thus, for example, a Marketing major might complete the Applied Statistics minor to be better prepared for a career in market research. A Finance major could use the tools taught in the Applied Statistics minor to aid in portfolio analysis. Students in many liberal arts disciplines (e.g., psychology or biology) would find the Applied Statistics minor excellent preparation for a research-focused graduate program.

The Minor in Applied Statistics consists of four courses:

  • STAT 301Q - Business Statistics. This course is prerequisite for all other courses in the minor. Students in majors outside the School of Business Administration may substitute introductory statistics courses in their field to meet this requirement.

Then select three of the following elective courses:

  • STAT 380 - Survey Research Methods
  • STAT 440Q - Forecasting
  • STAT 460Q - Experimental Design and Advanced Data Analysis
  • STAT 482 - Quality
  • STAT 489 - Special Topics in Decision Science
  • BSAN 465 - Predictive Analytics
  • BSAN 481 - Social Media Analytics

At least one of the elective courses must be STAT 440Q (Forecasting) or STAT460Q (Experimental Design and Advanced Data Analysis). Other elective courses may be substituted in special cases; see Dr. John Rasp (coordinator of the minor) to discuss options.